lunes, 19 de julio de 2010

Bowling in Montreal

Estos suertudos fans canadienses y francófonos se fueron a jugar a los bolos el sábado por la tarde y se encontraron allí con Kristen, que habló con ellos y se sacó esta foto (su pelo no está demasiado oscuro?).

Y aquí, lo que cuenta unos de los fans sobre el encuentro en su blog
While we were waiting to get our shoes at the bowling counter I noticed there was a group of guys waiting as well. I didn't know it at the time but this group included Garrett Hedlund (Friday Night Lights) and a british actor by the name of Sam Riley (Control). Both of them are in town filming On The Road with Kristen Stewart. (...) I was the first of my friends to reach our booth next to our lane when I saw that some punky looking chick was already sitting in our booth. I walked over and started speaking to her french, saying that I thought she had the wrong booth. She had no idea what I said (obviously) so again I asked her in English and she got up and started apologizing. Since so many of you have asked I'll tell you she had dark hair, I have no clue what bloody jewelery she had on, she seemed quite content, was not wearing vampire teeth, and I couldn't tell how if she was 5'5 or 5'6 since I couldn't whip my cock out in the place. A few guys came over and started helping her move the drinks off of our table, we had a good laugh and I said that it was no problem. My friends and I sat down while Stewart and her group took the lane next to ours and one of my friends whispered that the punky chick was Stewart. We were doubtful until the name 'Kristen' showed up on the monitor...yeah it was a pretty good clue. Well no one in my group was going to talk to her (they're fans and like I said I'm not) but she's a celeb so I figured I'd chat her up and see if I could get a laugh. She ended bowling at the same time as me, we laughed about the booth-thing, I said something else that was REALLY sexy and charming, and that was about it. I thought about it and figured it wouldn't be too much trouble to get a pic with her and my friends (...) When it came time for us to leave I interrupted a conversation, apologized for bothering them and explained my situation with a smile and asked her if she'd be willing to have a pic with us. She said 'yes', one of the guys took the photo with my sweet lollipop's camera, and we all introduced ourselves and left.

Algo bueno tenían que tener los bolos, puedes encontrarte con Kristen...Eso sí, yo haría una pira incendiaria con los zapatos esos que te obligan a llevar puestos...ugh!
Gracias Robstenation

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  1. Esa camiseta que lleva Kristen es la misma en la que sale con Rob en el banner de la derecha? Yo diría que sí. El pelo pues se lo veo más oscuro pero puede ser de la luz de la bolera, del flash de la cá todas quizá el rojizo aquél fuera una prueba y el color definitivo no se lo pongan hasta que empiecen a rodar.
    Por último que también me da envidia cuándo los fans se encuentran con Kris, no solo con Rob, quiero una foto con ella también, a ver si es tan maja como parece.

  2. A mí también me parecía la misma pero me hacen dudar las mangas ¿? y tienes razón con lo del pelo, pueden ser muchas cosas, sobre todo la luz pero me ha gustao lo de la prueba de color. A ver si la vemos out&about (con Rob!!!!) y nos fijamos en el pelo? no sé yo...
    Yo también quiero foto lucky bitch con ella. Siempre parace tan maja con los fans. Tímida pero siempre cariñosa. Y con ella no se me aflojarían las rodillas Is!!!!


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