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Show me the money! (now I'm scared)

Perdón por hablar taaaaanto del vil metal pero es que cada cifra que sale es más impresionante que la anterior. Casi 93 millones de dólares en dos días, sólo en EEUU. Esto empieza a dar miedo! XD

Early estimates as of Friday 12:00 noon show The Twilight Saga: Eclipse finished #1 again on Thursday, taking in another $24.2M from 4,416 locations. Adding in Wednesday’s numbers gives the film a cumulative total of $92.8M domestic. Industry projections call for a possible 5-day weekend total of $110M and a 6-day holiday weekend totaling $178M. Spider-Man 2 took in $180M over its 6-day Independence Day holiday weekend.

How does this compare with recordholder New Moon? That film took in $72.7M its opening day and dropped 41.8% to earn $42.3M the next. Its total was $115M after the first two days. But, again, that was a Friday-Saturday as opposed to a Wednesday-Thursday. Apples to oranges, as the saying goes. That said, a drop from Wednesday to Thursday for Eclipse from $68.53M to $24.2M would be a pretty steep 65%. But that was to be expected since Thursday is still not part of the weekend.

Y, no es por nada, pero eso justifica plenamente esta otra noticia, que también da un poco de miedo:

With Twilight: Eclipse closing in on what box office watchers say will surely be a $200+ million weekend, why have the faces of Summit Entertainment's executives taken on such a deathly pallor? It might be because Vulture hears that they've just agreed to write some very big checks, indeed: Insiders tell us that Summit will pay stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner each a whopping $25 million against 7.5 percent of the theatrical gross for starring in the next and last two Twilight movies, Breaking Dawn, Parts One and Two.

How much money will they end up taking home? The previous Twilight film, New Moon, took in almost $710 million worldwide, and Eclipse is on pace to exceed that. But let’s conservatively assume that both Breaking Dawns do as well as New Moon: After factoring in exhibitor splits, a lesser studio share for international releases, and other typical debited fees that would give you a migraine if they were explained here, each star would take in another $16 million total, giving them all final paydays of $41 million.

Meanwhile, Vulture has learned that Universal, upon hearing that this mammoth payday was being finalized, quickly sealed its deal with Lautner to star in Stretch Armstrong, for which they'll pay him $7.5 million, a sum that now seems like a yard sale.

Gracias ProNetworks, NY Magazine y kstewrobfans

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  1. Que mareo de cifras!!! Dios, qué se puede hacer con tanto dinero???? Lo triste es que no han tenido tiempo material de gastárselo siquiera.

  2. 41 millones es una pasada...y puede ser más, según la taquilla que haga BD. Para ellos es e dineral significa libertad, para elegir los proyectos que quieren, para producir otros cuando se sientan preparados...entre otras cosas, claro O_o


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